Uganda Wildlife Education Centre

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The Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) is located along the shoreline in Entebbe. Wild Frontiers have recently begun helping promote some of their more specialised activities which can be booked through our Entebbe Office.

UWEC was formed in 1994 as a trust to revive the neglected Entebbe Zoo and provide leadership in educating Ugandans about the benefits of conserving the country’s biodiversity.

Today, UWEC undertakes several conservation initiatives in Uganda including wildlife rescue and rehabilitation; fully fledged veterinary hospital services; and captive breeding of endangered species of the area. Going beyond these hands-on roles, UWEC furthermore contributes to scientific research and is committed to develop education programmes for the general public, with particular emphasis on instilling a conversation ethic and engaging young people.

In this spirit, numerous conservation education, internship and volunteer programmes run on and off-site for Ugandans and foreigners alike. Some of the popular visitor programmes available include:

CHIMPANZEE CLOSE-UP – USD290.00 per experience

Chimpanzees are found only in the forests of Africa, and their habitat is slowly disappearing as human populations increase and encroach on the forests throughout the region. An endangered species, Uganda’s chimpanzee population of 5,000 is declining, mainly as a result of human actions. It is UWEC’s belief that education is key to avoid extinction of Uganda’s chimpanzees, offering you the chance to embark on a highly moving and unique experience whereby you will have the privilege to have up close, direct contact with these amazing creatures. Join the younger chimpanzees for part of their daily exercise routine in a stretch of natural forest. Watch with amazement as they interact, curious to explore their visitors. Always playful, they may cling to you, climb all over you, or even explore your face with their human-like hands. A rare opportunity to bond with man’s closest relative, not only will this be an experience of a lifetime, but you will also learn about the dangers they face in the wild, whilst supporting UWEC’s ongoing conservation efforts.

This activity is subject to special inoculation clearance. Make an inquiry…


If it’s not enough for you to see the animals through a fence or across a wall, this tour is for you. Observe the animals’ behaviour and experience first hand how the keepers feed the lions, carry out health checks, or bring them back to their holding facilities. Have the luxury of a privileged few and visit the food preparation areas, the pharmacy, the exhibits and much, much more. This way you can say that you have truly visited the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre. Make an inquiry…

KEEPER FOR A DAY – USD150 per person

What better way to get on the good side of a rhino than to serve him breakfast! Wake up early and join the UWEC keepers in the kitchen to prepare the food, then jump on the tractor moving from one exhibit to another and help feed an amazing array of exotic and endangered animals from giraffes to lions to rare birds. Get a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes as you attend keeper briefings, participate in recording of animal behaviour, or maybe even get the chance to perform health checks or help feed and rehabilitate a rescued animal. This could be your most rewarding and fulfilling day of work ever!

This activity is subject to special inoculation clearance. Make an inquiry…


Allow a UWEC keeper to give you a tour filled with exciting insight. Benefit from his experience and get the full lowdown on the individual animals and their little quirks. Put away your binoculars as he talks the rhino over to the fence, hear the full story of the orphaned chimpanzee that arrived yesterday, and find out just why it is so difficult to feed a 4-month-old baby elephant. In just a few hours, you will learn facts and stories that will stay with you for life, and come away with a new appreciation of the intricacies of conservation work. Make an inquiry…


The following vaccinations and health checks are mandatory for an individual to participate in the following; the Chimpanzee Close up Experience and Keeper for a Day program. The vaccinations required executed at least two weeks before participation in the programmes are;

Vaccination/ boosters – please note the times noted in brackets denote the length of validity of each vaccination and to it is important to ensure validity is checked for each one.

1.        Hepatitis A (20 years)

2.        Hepatitis B (5 years)

3.        Measles (MMR) (10 – 15 years)

4.        Meningococcal meningitis(ACWY strains) ( 3 years)

5.        Polio (10 years)

6.        Tetanus (10 years) vaccine

7.        Negative TB test or X ray is also required.

All the chimpanzees at the facility undergo annual health checks and have been tested /vaccinated on the diseases possible and have also tested negative to the HIV and SIV virus. Please inform our personnel in event of cold or flu incidences in the last 48 hours as this could affect your interaction allowed with the animals.

Please note that some people will have some of these health requirements when traveling to Africa BUT generally not all and so it is vital to check your health records and act accordingly to avoid disappointment.